Integration with the Logainm Placename Project

logainm-logoThe Logainm Placename Project was initiated in 2007. The main aim of the project is to map and provide in English and Irish the placenames of Ireland. These placenames are categorised as either Administrative Counties, Baronies, Civil Parishes, Towns, Townlands, Electoral Divisions and Provinces.

Over the years the project has gone through a number of phases. This has resulted in a number of excellent features. One of which is the sound recordings of each of the placenames. The recordings pronounce each of the placenames in English and Irish – a hugely valuable resource from an educational point of view.

The project is now in phase V. The completion of the Linked Logainm project has allowed MeathHeritage to retrieve placename information in both English and Irish for some of the National Monuments. To date, the Logainm placename project has translated over 60% of the placenames in Meath. For this reason, some of the placenames information might not be available for some monuments.

Where available, the Logainm placename information can be found on the right hand side of a National Monument’s information page. For an example please visit :



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