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The 'Fish Weir' marked at this location on the current edition of the OS 6-inch maps may have been built on or in close proximity to the medieval fish weir of Rosnaree which belonged to the Cistercian abbey of Mellifont. In 1358, the Abbot of Mellifont obtained a judgment in his favour regarding the three fishing weirs at Rosnaree, Knowth and Staghlyn (ME019-066001-) (Went 1953, 22). According to Went the 'fishing weirs at Staleen and Newgrange (ME019-068001-) have not been used recently for the capture of salmon. Only those of Oldbrige and Rosnaree have been used for upwards of a century, although the Staleen (ME019-066001-) weir may have been used for eels in more recent years' (ibid., 23-4). Went goes on to state that the weirs of Oldbridge and Rosnaree are, 'with the exception of certain details, which will be mentioned later, virtually the same as those erected and maintained by the monks of Mellifont for nearly four centuries. The actual materials used in the erection and construction of the weirs may have changed but the principle of the method of fishing has changed but little' (ibid., 30). Compiled by: Caimin O'Brien Date of upload: 11 November 2013.

Description Source: Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

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53.6902, -6.49489

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