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There are two weirs (ME019-066001-; ME020-028002-) on the River Boyne at this location which are both marked on the current edition of the OS six-inch map. One of the weirs is depicted on the map as a 'Weir' while the second structure to the S is marked as a fish weir (ME020-028002-). The weir marked on the OS 6-inch map may have been located on the site of or in close proximity to a medieval fish weir which belonged to the Cistercian abbey of Mellifont in the 14th century. In 1358 the Abbot of Mellifont obtained a judgment in his favour regarding the three fishing weirs at Rosnaree, Knowth and Staghlyn (Stalleen) (Went 1953, 22). At the dissolution of the abbey of the Mellifont, a fishing weir at 'Stalyng' was listed as part of the possessions of the abbey (ibid., 23). According to Went the 'fishing weirs at Staleen and Newgrange (ME019-068001-) have not been used recently for the capture of salmon. Only those of Oldbrige and Rosnaree (ME019-0680022-) have been used for upwards of a century, although the Staleen weir may have been used for eels in more recent years' (ibid., 23-4). Compiled by: Caimin O'Brien Date of upload: 11 November 2013.

Description Source: Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

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53.6968, -6.44755

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