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Situated on the E side of the old Duleek to Ratoath road, c. 2.5km S of Duleek. It was erected in 1600 by Jennet Dowdall and consists of a shaft, collar and upper shaft with an inscription, coat-of-arms, interlace and figure sculpture. It is described by King (1984, 104)as: Annesbrook. Townland Lunderstown. This cross is situated on the verge of the L144 opposite the entrance to Annesbrook House, 2.9km from Duleek. Repaired by Meath County Council in 1936. Originally set on a base and stepped plinth. Material: limestone. Dims: overall H 3.52m; Lower shaft: H 2.36m; 0.36m x 0.23m; collar: H 0.44m; dims 0.5m x 0.4m; upper shaft: H 0.72m; dims 0.3m x 0.2m; lettering: H 5cm. A pillar cross, rectangular in section, consisting of a shaft, collar and upper shaft, decorated in false relief. The middle section of the shaft has chamfered edges. The inscriptions are in Roman capitals in relief with raised diamonds placed between each word. The upper portion of the collar is missing on three sides, thereby showing the mortice and tenon of upper shaft and collar. White lichen obscures some of the motifs. The present plinth is modern. Lower shaft: W: A shield with the Bathe (gules a cross between four lions rampant argent) and Dowdall (gules a fess between five martlets argent) arms impaled is shown under the initials W.B. and I.D. The inscription is: THIS CROSS / WAS BVILD / ED BI IENNE / T DOWDALL / LATE WIF / E UNTO WI /LLIAM BAT / HE OF ATH / CARNE IUS /TICE FOR H / IM ABD F / OR HER SE/LF IN THE/YEARE OF /OVRE LOR/DE GOD 16/00 WICH/IUSTICE D/ECEASCED T/HE XXV OF /OCTOBER/ 1599 AND/ BVRIED IN/THE CHVR/CH OF DVL/EEK WH/OSE SOVLE/S I PRAYE/ GOD TAKE/ TO HIS MER/CIE AMEN/ IHS. The E face has: IHS MARIA/AMEN/HAILE MA/RIE FVLL/OF GRACE/OVRE LORD/IS WITH T/HE HAILE SWETE VI/RGIN THE/BLESSED M/OTHER OF/GOD THE V/ERY EXCELL/ENT QVEN OF HEAV/EN PREYE/FOR VS POO/RE SOVLES/AMEN IHS. The N and S sides are undecorated. Collar Upper section damaged. The W face has a rose and laurel-leaf pattern which was possibly repeated on the E, N and S side. Lower section: the four corners have angels bearing triangular shields. Their wings form panels incorporating an interlace of vine and ivy leaves on the W and E, while the N and S have a crowing cock. Upper shaft: Each face has figure sculpture in an ogee-headed panel with a spray of stiff laurel leaves above. W: Crucifixion, above which there is a band with a raised INRI. E: The Virgin and Child. N and S: Figures in pleated robes holding shields. Above and below the figures on the E, N and S sides are panels of oak leaves. It is one of a group of crosses set up by Jennet Dowdall in 1600. For parallels see Barronstown (Carrickdexter: ME019-020----), Duleek (ME027-038010-) and Louth Hall (LH014-060----). The above description is derived from the published 'Archaeological Inventory of County Meath' (Dublin: Stationery Office, 1987). In certain instances the entries have been revised and updated in the light of recent research. Compiled by: Michael Moore Date of revision: 10 July 2007

Description Source: Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

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53.6334, -6.42027

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