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This monument is described by Stout (1991, 265-7) as: This monument, shown as a segment of curved field fence on the OS 6-inch map and noted by Hartnett (1957, 265-7) as having ‘henge’ characteristics, lies at the base of a ridge running E-W, N of the River Delvin. This is a well-drained tillage area with geology and soil type similar to the Fourknocks /Micknanstown enclosure (ME033-025----). A mound (ME033-013----), 26m SE of the enclosure, is probably a satellite passage tomb within the Fourknocks cemetery. The site at Fourknocks /Micknanstwotn lies 625m to the south-east, while the enclosure at Heathtown (ME033-011----) is 700m away to the west-south-west. This embanked enclosure is roughly circular in plan, with a maximum overall diameter of 140m. The bank varies in height from 0.6m in the E, where it has been denuded by constant ploughing, to 1.5m in the SW, where it had been preserved as part of a field boundary. The well-preserved portion of the enclosing bank is flat-topped with an average width of 12m, while the ploughed segment reaches a maximum width of 19m. A depression, 12m wide, can be traced along the inside perimeter of the bank, except for the segment N of the road. This scarped area, which provided the bank material, gives the interior of the enclosure a domed shape. The resistivity survey did not detect this scarped area, which indicates a shallow depth for this feature. There are indications of a break in the bank in the E, but a section taken through this area shows a definite artificial rise. Aerial photographs show the continuation of the internal scarped area at this point. Thus there is no strong evidence for an original entrance into this monument. A resistivity survey confined to the eastern portion of the interior detected a curved section of ditch, 70m long and 3m wide, running inside the line of the scarped area and eccentric to the enclosing bank. No significant spot phosphate results were noted, but the magnetic susceptibility reading suggested the presence of structures within the enclosure. (Hartnett 1957, 265, No. 9; Burl 1969, 17-8; Clare 1986, 311; Moore 1987, 40, No. 310) Date of upload: 17 August, 2017 This monument is subject to a preservation order made under the National Monuments Acts 1930 to 2014 (PO no. 16/1976).

Description Source: Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

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53.6063, -6.33474

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