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This monument is described by Stout (1991, 263) as: This monument, discovered from aerial photographs taken by J. K. St Joseph of Cambridge University (CUCAP: AJY 16), lies on the crest of a low ridge on the slope of ‘Windmill Hill’, 110m SW of the Irishtown site (ME038-011----) and 800m N of the River Hurley, a tributary of the River Nanny. The enclosure shares a similar soil and geology with the Irishtown monument and has a maximum overall diameter of 142m. The well-preserved bank encloses a roughly circular area, and reaches heights varying from 1.5m in the south, where it has been ploughed out, to 3m in the north. It varies in width from 10m to 12.5m. There is no sign of a ditch. The area immediately inside the line of the bank has been scarped to a width of 20m and was probably the source for the bank material. It is difficult to determine the original entrance because of the large number of gaps in the bank. The 12m wide gap in the west looks most like an original entrance feature. The ground level falls sharply immediately west of this opening. The house (ME038-010001-) is in the north interior, and the souterrain (ME038-032----) was discovered c. 70m outside the perimeter at north-east. Archaeological testing (12E0049) by R. Meenan c. 20m to the E at the closest point produced no related material ( 2012:462) and further testing (13E0443) by the same archaeologist c. 70m to the SW produced a similar resullt ( 2013:426). Archaeological testing (17E0390) by R. Meenan c. 350m to the SWW and of a roadway extending NE from it produced no related material ( 2017:780). (Thornton 1980, 97-8; Stout 1991, 263) Date of revision: 10 January 2017 Amended: 19 March 2021, 14 April, 2021

Description Source: National Monuments Service, Department of Arts, Heritage Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs.

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53.5582, -6.46199

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