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Located on a S-facing slope of Windmill Hill, 110m SW of the Irishtown henge (ME038-011----) and 800m N of a canalised ESE-WNW section of the River Hurley, a tributary of the River Nanny. This is a circular enclosure (diam. c. 140m) defined by an earthen bank that varies in scale from at W (Wth of base 7.2m; int. H 1.7m; ext. H 2.2m) to at SSW (Wth of base 10.5m; max. int. H 1.5m; max. ext. H 2.25m), but there is no visible fosse either within or without. It is truncated by a NW-SE lane at E which has removed a considerable length of the perimeter (L c. 60m) and the bank is lowest (at S: Wth of base 10m; int. H 0.5m; ext. H 2m) S of this break. There are gaps at S (Wth 32m), SW (Wth 12.2m) and NW (Wth 17m) and there is a modern entrance (Wth 4m) at N, but the original entrance is probably that at SW where the ground level falls sharply immediately outside. The house (ME038-010001-) is in the north interior, and the souterrain (ME038-032----) was discovered c. 70m outside the perimeter to the NE. Archaeological testing (12E0049) by R. Meenan c. 20m to the E at the closest point produced no related material ( 2012:462) and further testing (13E0443) by the same archaeologist c. 70m to the SW provided a similar result ( 2013:426). Archaeological testing (17E0390) by R. Meenan c. 350m to the SWW and on a laneway extending NE from it produced no archaeological material ( 2017:780). (Stout 1991, 263) Date of revision: 10 January 2017 Amended: 19 March 2021, 14 April, 2021, 13 April 2022

Description Source: Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

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53.5582, -6.46199

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