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From Potterton (2005, App. 13, 397, No. 4): This large rectangular slab has been set up as a table tomb on a low side panel at the base of the window in the ruined chancel of St Patrick's church (ME036-048012-). An incised marginal gothic inscription reads HIC: IACET.I [W]ALTERVS: THOVMBE: DE TRVM:/ Q‘: OBIIT: XVIII:. DIE: JVNII: A:D: M: CCCC: LVIII/. The letters on the first three sides of the inscription are spaced wide apart (c. 12cm), whereas those on the fourth side closer together (c. 3 cm). The central portion of the slab is undecorated, with the exception of three rows of three small circular depressions arranged in a square towards the base of the slab. It is not known what this design represents, although it seems to be contemporary with the Latin inscription. When Austin Cooper visited the churchyard on 15 May 1795 he recorded the inscription and wrote that ‘there was another which I could not read’ (Price 1942, 99). It is not clear what exactly he meant by this. [Length: 212cm; Width: 110cm; Thickness: 12cm], Date of upload: 16 February, 2015

Description Source: Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

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53.5584, -6.79

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