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The effigy of a bishop that is missing the head and was once displayed in the parish church (ME036-049005-) of Newtown Clonbuny (Anon 1906, 449; Ellison 1964, 137) is now in the chancel of the Cathedral (ME036-049002-). It is thought to represent Bishop Rochfort and dates from the early 13th century. It has been described by Hunt (1974, 1, 211, No. 197) as: Newtown Trim. Effigy of an ecclesiastic (? Simon de Rochfort died 1224) Early 13th century. In the nave of the great cathedral founded by Simon de Rochfort at Newtown Trim in 1206, there is a niche which now houses a sandstone slab of tapering form bearing the effigy of an ecclesiastic. The head which rested on a cushion, is now missing. There is foliage on the edge of the slab all around, lapping onto the upper surface. There are small bunches of grapes (?) and leaves above. There are marigolds or roses on the field of the slab beside the neck. There has been some object beside the shoulder on the sinister side. The figure, which is of unusually good quality, wears a chasuble and held a crozier across the body. It may represent the founder, Simon de Rochfort, who died in 1224. Date of upload: 17 February, 2015

Description Source: Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

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