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Outside the S doorway of the parish church of Clonbun (ME036-049005-) the ornate arch (Wth 1.66m; H 0.83m; D 0.26m) of a tomb recess with a carved representation of the crowning of the Virgin at the apex is set high in the wall, probably as a result of conservation works. It has been described by Hunt (1974, 1, 211) as: No. 198 Newtown Trim. Niche-head with the Crowning of the Virgin. Late 15th century On the outer face of the south wall of the small medieval church to the east of the Cathedral is a round-headed niche built into its present position in 1842. It is not clear whether it was part of a doorway or a canopied tomb of Western type. The arch is decorated with foliate crockets and from the centre springs the commencement of a pinnacle, containing within its spandrels a finely carved group of the Coronation of the Virgin. On the sinister side is God the Father placing a crown upon the head of the Virgin who sits upon his right with her hands raised in prayer. On either side below their knees are angels with re-curved wings and flowing drapery, swinging censers. Below this, on the surface of the moulding of the face of the arch, is a female head, the hair parted and hanging in two tresses at the sides of the face. This is flanked by two figures of birds, their heads turned inwards and with their wings half-opened. This and the group above are highly competent and quite masterly pieces of carving in the full European idiom of the late fifteenth century. Compiled by: Michael Moore Date of revision: 17 February 2014

Description Source: Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

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53.5558, -6.77095

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