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from King (1987, 290-1): Tomb chest. 1688. This monument, consisting of a tomb chest and wall plaque, is dedicated to the memory of Walter and Elizabeth Cruise. It occupies a niche in the south wall of the chancel in the ruined medieval church at Cruicetown. The chest cover is supported on four pilasters which are richly carved with foliage, rosettes and hearts. The end panel has mortality symbols while the side panel has two sections; one with a cross saltire surrounded by circular medallions, the other has a crowned, winged figure, either ‘Father Time’ or ‘the Glory’ within a sunburst, and foliage. The tomb cover depicts a male and female effigy in relief under God’s head in the clouds of Heaven and two resurrection – or heralding – angels. The wall plaque, set within a chamfered frame of stonework, has the heraldic symbols of Cruise and Dalton in the upper half and an incised inscription in Roman capitals below: CRUX BONA CRUX DIGNA CRUX / CONTRA OMNIA MALGINA / HERE VNDERNEATH / ARE INTERRED THE BODIS / OF WALTER CRUISE GRAND / CHILD TO CHRISTOPHER / CRVISE OF THE NAALE CR / VISETOWN NO.. OR EXQVIRE W / HO DYED THE 11TH OF APRILL / 1663 AND ELIZABETH CRUIS / E HIS WIFE DAVGHTER TO / GERRALD CRVISE OF BRIT / (on next stone) WHOSE ELDEST SON PATRI /CKE CRVISE CAVSED THIS / TOMBE TO BE ERECTED AS / A MONVMENT OF ANTIQVITY / FOR HIMSELFE HIS WIFE CAT / HERINE DALTON AND THEI / RE POSTERITY FOR EVER / ANNO D. 1688 AND IN THE / 4TH YEARE OF THE REIG / NE OF THE MOST ILLVST / RIOVS PRINCE OVR GRACI / OVS KING JAMES THE / SECOND. The above-mentiioned Patrick Cruise is a grandson on his mother’s side to Gerald Cruise who is commemorated on the Nobber I slab (ME005-071018-). Dimensions of chest cover: L 2.12m; Wth 1.08m; T 0.12m; H 0.8m. (Smith 1888, 28-30) See attached screenshots of 3D model of effigial tomb created by Digital Heritage Age under the direction of Gary Dempsey and Orla Peach Power. Photogrammetric 3D model can be accessed at the following website: Date of upload: 10 July, 2014

Description Source: Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

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53.8044, -6.79355

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