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from King (1987, 297): NOBBER I. 1619. This slab, in ten fragments, to the memory of Gerald Cruise is on the left side of the path between the old graveyard in Nobber and the eighteenth century church. It is in an upright position above the vault of the medieval church although according to Dopping (Ellison 1973, 4) it was in the choir of the church in 1693. It depicts a knight in full armour with his sword shown separately at his side. Two shields on either side of his head show the arms of Plunket and Cruise. There is a marginal inscription in relief in Roman capitals: HERE LIETH THE BODY / OF GERALD CRVS OF THE BRITTAS AND MARGARET PLVNKE / T HIS WIF WHICH GERRALD / DID BVILD THIS MONVMENT AND IS HEYRE LINEALLY DECE / NDED FROM SR MAURICE CR / VYS WHOE DYED THE FYRST YEARE OF KYNG HENRY / THE THYRD IN ANNO / DOMINI 1216 TO WHOSE SOVLES DOD GRANT HIS / MERCY AMEN 1619+. Three stones lying on top of the vault record an early repair of the monument or perhaps its erection in its present position: REPAIRED IN THE 21YR OF THE REIGN OF GEORGE 3RD 1781. The letters N.C. are carved on one of the coping stones above the monument. Dimensions: L 2.14m; Wth 0.92m. (Smith 1888, 27) See attached screenshot of 3D model of effigial tomb created by Digital Heritage Age under the direction of Gary Dempsey and Orla Peach Power. Photogrammetric 3D model can be accessed at the following website: Date of upload: 10 July, 2014

Description Source: Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

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53.8213, -6.74981

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