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From Bradley and King (1985, 143), but it is also described by Du Noyer (1891) and Westropp (1901, 428): Chest tomb. This tomb is located against the N wall of the chancel of St. Erc’s Hermitage (ME019-026----). Ellenor Fleming and Penelope Moore. 1667. A table tomb in the chancel is now dismantled except for one table support and the end panel which are in position against the N wall. The mensa consists of a large rectangular slab of limestone, three edges of which have concave and convex mouldings but the fourth side was intended to rest against a wall. The top has an achievement of arms in false relief of the Flemings, Moores, and Barnwalls. The supporters are two goats with collars and rings and the motto: BEARNE REGVN. Incised roman inscription: THIS MONIMENT WAS ERECTED / BY RANDALL LORD BARON OF / SLANE MARIED FIRST TO ELLENOR / BARNEWALL WHO HERE IS / ENTERED DAVGHTER TO Sr RICHARD / BARNWALL OF CHRICKESTOWNE / KNIGHT & BARONETT & AFTER / TO THE LADY PENELOPE MOORE / DAVGHTER TO HENERY MOORE / EARLE OF DROGHEDA / ANNO 1667 The side panel is now completely covered by the mensa but it is a large rectangular piece of limestone. Trench (1976, 30-1, 45) describes it as having the arms of Moore impaled with Spencer and the following inscription: THIS IS THE COATE OF HENRY MOORE / EARLE OF DROGHEDA AND DAME ALICE / SPENCER HIS WIFE WHOSE DAVGHTER / PENELOPE MOORE IS SEACOND WIFE TO / RANDALL LORD BARRON OF SLANE / THE SAIDE DAME ALICE SPENCER DAVGHTER TO WILLIAM / LORD BARRON OF WORME LAYTON WHOSE SONN BEING / KILLED AT NVBERRY IN HIS MATis SERVICE WAS BEFORE BY / CHARLES THE FIRST HIS SAID MATie CREATED EARLE OF / SUNDERLAnd / THE MOTHER TO THE SAID DAME ALICE WAS / PENELOPE WRIOETHESLY / DAVGHTER OF HENRY EARLE OF SOVTHAMTTON WHOSE / BROTHER / THOMAS EARLE OF SOVTHAMTTON SONN TO THE SAID HENRY / WAS CREATED LORD HIGH TREASERER OF ENGLAND / AND DIED ANNO 1667 Dims L 2.14m; Wth 1.13m; T 0.09m. Date of upload: 15 July, 2014

Description Source: Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

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53.7079, -6.54652

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