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This Neolithic House Site, No. 8, is part of Eogan's Phase 3 Decorated Pottery complex: Domestic activity - Zone G, which is situated beneath Tombs 1C and 17. This phase, now called Middle Neolithic, is associated with the building of the tombs and dated to c. 3500-2900 cal. BC (Eogan and Cleary 2017, 41).This is in a layer of habitation material that produced evidence of 8 hearths and 3 houses, and provided 2 radiocarbon dates – 4875 +-150 BP (3990-33350 cal. BC) and 4795 +- 185 BP (3990-3040 cal. BC). House site No. 8 was located beneath the mound of Tomb 17, and it consisted of an arc (diam. c. 6m) of 11 stake-holes with a central hearth and there were three other hearths in the vicinity. At SW it partly covers some the same ground as the NE edge of House No. 6. The zone produced fragments of 6 decorated vessels and flints. (Eogan and Roche 1997, 60-5) True location: ITM (699655, 773465) Compiled by: Caimin O'Brien Date of upload: 25 November 2013 Amended: 17 September 2020 See the attached plans: _1 Cemetery plan from Knowth 6, Fig. 2:1 _2 House plan from Knowth 2, Fig. 12

Description Source: Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

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