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This is medieval house 3 located c. 4m N of the entrance to Tomb 1C West of the great mound and built on the brown earth used to level up the fill of the lower fosse of the rath. It is a paved area (dims 15.5m N-S; c. 5m E-W) and the base of its E wall is slightly curved at the NE angle. A single flagstone (dims 1m x 0.8m) towards the S end was the base for a hearth. Recovered artefacts included a glass bead, ringed pins, bone and metal stick-pins, bone combs and points, horse harness, copper wire and a grindstone. (Eogan 2012, 99-101) True location: ITM (699573, 773450) Compiled by: Michael Moore Date of upload: 26 November 2013 Amended: 17 September 2020 See the attached illustrations: _1 Early medieval features, from Knowth 5, Fig. 4:1 _2 House plan, from Knowth 5, Fig. 4:9

Description Source: Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

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