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Situated on the summit of a N-S ridge. When first described in 1969 (SMR file) the earthwork presented as a large ring-barrow consisting of a circular grass-covered area (diam. 38.5m NW-SE) separated by a fosse (Wth of top 6.5m-7.5m; Wth of base 2-2.5m; int. D 0.6-0.7m; ext. D 0.8-0.9m) from an outer earthen bank (Wth of base 3-5.8m; ext. H 0.5m at NW to 1.2m at SE). The earthwork was damaged in 1988 and a subsequent excavation (E000510) in the years 1989-1993 revealed a complex of features including a possible Neolithic house, two hut-sites, two enclosures, two timber circles, and a ritual burial. In the final 1993 season the earliest fosse uncovered (ME011-040002-) was Neolithic in date and it was partly overlain by a small subrectangular structure (Wth 2.8m), which is interpreted as a possible Neolithic house. However, no diagnostic artefacts are associated with it and the structure was truncated by an Iron Age ditch. (Newman 1993d, 21) Compiled by: Michael Moore Date of upload: 10 April, 2019

Description Source: Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

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53.7885, -6.75656

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