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After the Mesolithic knolls (ME005-088002-, ME005-088003-) had almost been obscured by lake mud a stony platform (dims 9m E-W; 3m plus N-S) was established in the Early to Middle Bronze Age, largely over the E knoll. It was represented by a layer of stones, including fragments of two saddle querns, and two spreads of charcoal (dims 5.8m x 1.85m plus; 1.25m x 0.5m). There were two huts on the platform. This hut (diam. 6.8m) was the later and represented by 20 posts. Its use lasted longer and finds included sherds of pottery from at least twelve vessels including 9 from a corded vessel, rounded scrapers, and barbed and tanged arrowheads. A C14 date of 3460 +- 35 BP (c. 1510 BC) was obtained from charcoal from the larger charcoal spread (Bradley 1984, 86). (Bradley 1983, 19-20; 1991, 11-12; 1999, 11-13; O’Sullivan 1998, 81-3) Compiled by: Michael Moore Date of upload: 6 September 2018

Description Source: Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

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53.8174, -6.75556

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