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During the Late Bronze Age the lake level seems to have dropped considerably and an E-W ridge (dims c. 36m x c. 20m) became available but activity extended beyond this in every direction. During a second phase four large platforms (dims 3m x 2m to 7m x 4m) were established over the smaller ones of the earlier phase. The platforms were covered in a peat with habitation debris including animal bones, two leaf-shaped socketed spearheads, six pins, a tweezers and a small bronze disc, three lignite and two shale bracelets. There were also fragments of lignite and amber bracelets and portion of a glass bead. There were over 200 sherds or pottery representing at least five coil-built, bucket-shaped vessels. Three stone and one bone spindle whorls were recovered, together with at least five hone stones and fragments of 22 saddle querns. A charcoal sample produced a C14 date of 2650 +-80 BP (c. 700 bc) (Bradley 1991, 12), but there is no hut or structure on the ridge associated with the material. However, its quantity and quality suggests that there was a significant settlement on the mainland nearby. (Bradley 1984, 86-7; 1991, 12-3; 1997, 52-8; 1999, 13-15; O’Sullivan 1998, 81-3) Compiled by: Michael Moore Date of upload: 6 September

Description Source: Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

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53.8178, -6.75569

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