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The third occupation level of the crannog is constructed on a peat base and was the first major level encountered when the crannog was excavated. It consists of a large (ME005-088013-) and a small hut, and a furnace (ME005-088014-). The peat on which this phase (Y) was built was retained by a palisade (No. 1), and oak timbers from the palisade provide a dendrochronological felling-date of 748 AD. Located about 4m NE of the large hut and contemporary with it is a hearth (dims 2m x 1.4m) defined by an L-shaped setting of stones, which had no occupation associated with it. Nevertheless, it was surrounded by an arc of posts (diam. 5.2m) WSW-N-E constituting a second hut, but its S side had been truncated by the initial works which led to the re-discovery of the crannog. (Bradley 1990/91, 22; 1991, 16; O’Sullivan 1998, 107-08) Compiled by: Michael Moore Date of upload: 6 September 2018

Description Source: Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

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53.8176, -6.756

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