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The third occupation level of the crannog is constructed on a peat base and was the first major level encountered (Phase Y) when the crannog was excavated. It consists of a large and a small (ME005-088012-) hut, and a furnace (ME005-088014-). Most of the large circular hut (ext. diam. 11.2m) was built on a layer of compacted yellow gravelly earth which was on a bed of introduced peat. The peat was retained by a palisade (No. 1), and oak timbers from the palisade provide a dendrochronological felling-date of 748 AD. The hut was defined by a double row of posts with an entrance gap at E. Internally there were over 250 post and stake-holes forming lines parallel with and vertical to the outer wall, perhaps forming benches around an eccentrically-placed stone-edged hearth (1.1m x 0.88m), one of three relating to the use of the house, the others being earlier and more central. The house was finally burnt down. Finds from the house include an E-ware vessel, fragments of crucibles and tuyéres and a furnace bottom. Amongst completed items were a brooch-like pin, ring-headed pins, eight tanged knives, a socketed iron spearhead, bone pins, nails, a comb, fragments of jet bracelets, the terminal of a drinking horn, and glass beads. (Bradley 1982-3, 20-28; 1984, 88-90; 1990/1, 21-2; 1991, 13-18; O’Sullivan 1998, 107-08) Compiled by: Michael Moore Date of upload: 6 September

Description Source: Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

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53.8175, -6.75595

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