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Situated on the S bank of a NW-SE section of the Blackwater River and c. 100m NW of the site of St Mary’s Augustinian abbey (ME025-024----). Archaeological testing (98E0463) by N. Brady uncovered fragments of post-medieval structures dated by a collection of potsherds, three copper coins and a fragment of an inscribed finger-ring to the early to mid-seventeenth century ( 1998:498). The structures were utilised in the period between the Suppression of St Mary’s in 1540 and the conversion of the abbey into a cavalry barracks c. 1700. A small excavated area (dims c. 10m x c. 10m) uncovered a charcoal-rich deposit (T 0.2m) that lay below the structure (ME025-044016-). It consisted of layers of ash interleaved with fire-reddened clay and probably represents the remains of a hearth, although it did not have a stone boundary. Thirty two artefacts were recovered, including sherds of imported stoneware, although the bulk of the material represents crannog ware and fourteenth to fifteenth century glazed Meath-type wares. There were also fragments of line-impressed floor tiles that would have derived from the abbey. (Brady 1999, 12-13) Compiled by: Michael Moore Date of upload: 29 March 2023 Brady, N. 1999 Archaeological Excavation at Abbeyland South, Archaeological recording at Blackcaslte Demesne, Navan Inner Relief Road. Phase 2A. Licence: 98E0463. Unpublished report, Valerie J. Keeley Archaeological Consultancy.

Description Source: Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

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53.6563, -6.68775

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