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Described by O’Kelly (1982, 76) as the foundation of a hut site which ‘was situated west of the tomb entrance (ME019-045----), 4m south of K3’. O’Kelly recorded that the ‘western half of the hut was marked by a foundation trench, c. 40cm wide and 15-20cm deep, in which were 6 irregularly spaced postholes averaging 12-13cm in diameter and 22-25cm depth. There were a number of quartz boulders in the side of the trench. At the south the hut was defined by a row of small stones set upright and 3 postholes were present while at the east there was a suggestion of a trench and 2 or possibly 3 further postholes. The floor of the hut was lower than the surrounding old ground surface, particularly at the east where it was as much as 15-20cm lower. On the north the outline of the floor overran the centre of a circular area, 1m in diameter, which consisted of burnt earth and charcoal which clearly pre-dated the hut as part of it had been cut away for the hut floor. Because of the absence of postholes or slot trench the hut may have been open towards the north. The external dimensions of the hut were: N-S 4.2m; E-W 3.2m’ (ibid., 76). O'Kelly speculated that 'if the hut site were contemporary with the primary use of the tomb (ME019-045----) could it have been a mortuary house of the kind found at Tustrup, and elsewhere in Denmark' (ibid., 77). Compiled by: Caimin O'Brien Date of upload: 12 November 2013

Description Source: Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

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