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Situated on a S-facing slope and on the NW side of Main Street. An archaeological rescue excavation and watching brief (E000404) in 1987 uncovered evidence of a medieval building and other features (Walsh 1988). A trench (dims c. 13m NW-SE; c. 7m NE-SW) was opened mechanically and excavated below modern disturbance and garden soil (T c. 0.7m) at the N end where stratified medieval deposits survived (dims c. 4m x c. 5m). A layer of gritty silt, interpreted as the original sod contained animal bone and was overlain by thin layers with charcoal flecks. This was covered by a sandy clay containing animal bone and a shale bracelet. This surface was covered by garden soil, which was sealed by a cobbled surface. The cobbles were breached by a pit containing Ham Green and local wares as well as an antler comb. The pit was sealed by an organic layer under redeposited river gravels. The area was bordered at NE by a NW-SE wall (L 4m) of drystone construction that was robbed (Wth c. 1.5m) but had been built on the subsoil, whether inserted or not is not known. A slot-trench (L 4.5m plus; Wth 0.6m; D 0.3m) extended NE from its S end. The wall and trench are interpreted as from a house that extended further NE and NW, and at least one floor was recognised, although no internal features were evident. About 12m to the W a NE-SW ditch (ME036-048047-) was sampled. (Walsh 1990-91, 42-5) Compiled by: Michael Moore Date of upload: 9 July 2019

Description Source: Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

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53.5568, -6.79059

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