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Situated on a broad low NW-SE ridge in a gently undulating landscape. Archaeological testing (03E1328) by S. Halliday identified archaeological features in Areas 12/13A of the N2 Finglas to Ashbourne road and bypass scheme ( 2003:1481) which were subsequently excavated by D. Fallon ( 2004:1294) under the same licence. A large area was opened on the W side of the existing old N-S Donaghmore to Kilbride road. The SW end of a shallow depression with a gully at its base produced 50 sherds of medieval pottery dominated by Dublin-type wares, and this is interpreted as the W edge of what might be the yard of a medieval property fronting onto the road. The depression was sealed by a metaled surface from which was recovered more pottery and a plough pebble. West of these features a silted ditch (Wth of top 3.7m; max. D 1.47m; L 70m plus N-S) containing sherds of post-medieval pottery in the upper levels formed the E boundary of a system of small plots close to and to the NW of the postulated yard. The plots (dims c. 50m x c. 30m) are defined by two ditches meeting at a right-angle which divide the area into four plots. One of the plots is further sub-divided by further slighter gullies into smaller plots (dims c. 15m x c.15m) which are described as garden plots. Some animal bones were recovered from sampling the ditches and gullies and the pottery suggests that while it might have been established in the thirteenth or fourteenth century it could have continued in use into the post-medieval period. (Fallon 2009) Compiled by: Michael Moore Date of upload: 17 December 2021

Description Source: Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

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53.482, -6.37392

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