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Situated on low ground at the bottom of a slight N-facing slope in a gently undulating, low-lying landscape, with a palaeo-channel (Wth c. 12m) c. 20m to the NW. Archaeological testing (03E1361) by D. Bonner identified two burnt mounds in Area 15 of the N2 Finglas to Ashbourne road and bypass ( 2003:1361), which were completely excavated by C. Murray under the same licence ( 2004:1179). This is a subcircular area of broken and burnt stone (dims 8.15m N-S; 6.3m E-W; T 0.2-0.25m) associated with a large, flat-bottomed oval trough (dims 1.8m NW-SE; 1.35m NE-SW; max. D 0.45m) and a small pit (dims 0.66m x 0.45m; D 0.34m) 2.1m S of the trough. The trough was filled with silts mixed with burnt stones, charcoal and scorched alder. A sample from the wood produced a C14 date of 2140-1940 cal. BC. (Murray 2008) Compiled by: Michael Moore Date of upload: 17 December 2021

Description Source: Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

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53.4938, -6.38541

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