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Situated on a gentle N-facing slope. Topsoil stripping (02E0194) in advance of a gas pipeline identified a spread of oxidised subsoil and burnt stone (1A/26/1), which extended outside the way-leave as a visible mound (H 0.4m) and was only partially excavated (02E0689). Excavation recorded two rectangular troughs (dims 2.2m E-W; 1.44m N-S; D 0.42m; 2.1m x 0.8m plus; D 0.4m) retained negative impressions of timber lining, and a large oval pit (dims 4.8m NW-SE; 4.05m NE-SW; max. D 0.6m) served the N trough as a sump. All the cut features were filled with a charcoal-rich, silty grey sand with sandstone gravel. A flint blade was recovered from the burnt mound material, and radiocarbon dates of 2285-2041 cal. BC and 2337-2138 cal. BC were obtained from the mound and the N trough respectively. (Byrne 2002, 5-8; 2004; Byrne 2007) Compiled by: Michael Moore Date of upload: 8 March, 2018

Description Source: Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

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53.5025, -6.70802

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