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This site (BGE: 1A/36/2) was excavated (02E0833) ahead of the Gas Pipeline to the West. Located on a steep slope below the crest of a ridge, at the point where marshy pasture becomes bog it consisted oval trough (1.7m diam. 0.74m deep) contained twelve fills. A radiocarbon date of 2290-1920 cal. BC was recovered from the basal fill. Four rectangular and nineteen smaller circular stakeholes were cut into the trough base. a further eight stakeholes and two shallow pits were located to the NW of the trough. A small pit located SE of the trough had a high charcoal content and returned a date of 2290-2020 cal. BC. A rough brushwood layer occurred between the two main layers mound material which was located 2m downslope of the trough. (Baker 2004; 2006; 2007) Compiled by: Christine Baker Date of upload: 16 April 2015

Description Source: Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

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53.4845, -6.86655

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