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The site (BGE: 1A/36/1) was exposed during topsoil stripping for the Gas Pipeline to the West and partially excavated (02E0883) to negate immediate impact. The form of the site was dominated by the arcs of a pennanular ditch, which topographical survey revealed to have formed part of a distinct platform at the apex of a N-S gravel ridge. The exposed interior space (5m NS x 13m EW) and eastern arc of the ditch were truncated by burials. The exterior space was dominated by pits and stakeholes which were concentrated around the ditch entrance (1.6m w.). Later medieval linear ditches were identified, placing the pennanular ditch in the corner of a medieval field system. Radiocarbon analysis of fill of the penannular ditch returned a date of AD 420-620 and a bone spindle whorl, copper-alloy chain links were recovered. Sixteen burials were excavated, three of which were located within the interior space. The burials were identified as those of six adults, four children, two early postnatal infants and five neonates. There was little consistency in the axes of burial; a single burial had 'earmuff' stones and another a 'pillow' stone. Dating of the burials indicated interment was undertaken between 10th-13th centuries AD. Middle Bronze Age activity was also identified on site indicating reuse and continuity within the landscape (Baker 2004; 2007; 2007a). Compiled by: Christine Baker Date of Upload: 16 April 2015

Description Source: Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

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53.4885, -6.86394

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