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Situated on a N-facing slope in a gently undulating landscape. An area of sub-surface archaeological features was identified by Ian Russell in centre-line testing (02E0108) for the M4 Dublin to Galway motorway and set aside as Rossan 4. Excavation (02E1066) over a wide strip (dims 69m E-W; 7m N-S) revealed a subrectangular hearth (dims 1.4m x 1.12m; T 0.12m) with a post-hole nearby. A second subrectangular hearth (dims 2.08m x 1.3m; T 0.2m) is c. 10m to the W. A charcoal-filled pit (dims 0.55m x 0.28m; D 0.18m) was c. 20m further W with an extensive area (dims 8m x 6m) of oxidised clay between the two. No artefacts were recovered but charcoal samples from the charcoal pit produced C14 readings of Cal AD 1460-1680, Cal. AD 1770-1800 and Cal AD 1940-1950 suggesting it is modern. The smaller hearth, which also had slag, produced a C14 date of Cal AD 1030-1280. (Murphy 2003) Compiled by: Michael Moore Date of upload; 13 August 2019

Description Source: Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

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53.4497, -7.10755

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