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Archaeological testing (02E1101) by R. Meenan just W of the motte and bailey (ME044-044001-) recorded the outer edge of a ditch (Wth of top 6m plus; D 1m plus) that seems to be concentric with the visible fosse of the motte ( 2002:1520; 2004:1330). It appeared beneath garden soil (D c. 0.8-1m) and had a top fill of a dark grey silty clay with organic material that produced two sherds of medieval pottery. It is probably an outer defensive fosse associated with the motte. A second ditch (Wth of top 2.5m; D 0.5m) with a similar fill also produced medieval pottery and entered the first ditch from the W. A combination of re-siting the development and piling ensures that the ditches are preserved. (Meenan 2002) More testing (19E0463) by S. Hickey further N within the same property uncovered a short length (L 3.3m) of the ditch before it was cut by a modern drain, but the ditch continued into the neighbouring property to the NW ( 2019:129). Compiled by: Michael Moore Date of upload: 9 December 2021

Description Source: Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

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53.507, -6.46229

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