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Situated on a SE-facing slope down to the River Boyne, which is c. 100m distant. Archaeological monitoring (01E0534) and excavation (01E0535) associated with a sewerage pipe identified a number of archaeological features. At one location (E) an area (dims 14m x 7m) was hand dug and produced evidence of four nearly parallel and slightly curving linear ditches (Wth 1.3m; D 0.5m), with fills of peaty material, charcoal and redeposited natural. Flints were recovered from all contexts, including a tanged arrowhead, a petit tranchet derivative arrowhead and flint blades. (Mullins 2002, 2003). A fluxgate gradiomter survey (06R0137) of sample areas in the extensive area (c. 6 ha) between these features and the N51 Navan to Slane road c. 350m to the NW produced uncertain results because the underlying solid geology of carboniferous limestone produced anomalies of its own that were not readily distinguished from archaeological features. However, a number of potential archaeological linear features were identified (Gimson and Bonsall 2006). Compiled by: Michael Moore Date of upload; 1 February 2018

Description Source: Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

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53.6617, -6.66506

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