ME02832 - KNOCKERSALLY or COLEHILL - Road - class 1 togher

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A linear plank-built trackway running for a minimum 150m, well preserved towards the centre of each field in which it occurs. First observed in 2005, it was partially excavated in 2007 before further stretches were identified in 2013. The trackway was observed extending for 51m and visible at four locations in 2005, with a single radiocarbon date placing it in the Middle Bronze Age (Whitaker 2005). It was subject to partial excavation in 2007 (licence 07E0496; Rohan 2008; 2009) where it was also recorded at a fifth location, at the western limit of the bog (extending the length of the trackway to 135m). An oak plank from this new location provided a dendrochronological date of 1540BC±9yrs. The 2013 survey recorded this trackway at seven locations over 98m. This extended the trackway to the west and added new sightings in between the 2007 and 2005 surveys. The 2013 discoveries equate with the western section of ME046-028----. The eastern section recorded in 2005 was not re-located as the drains were inaccessible. The combined results of the 2005, 2007 and 2013 surveys give the trackway a minimum length of 150m. The trackway is aligned northeast – southwest and comprises longitudinal planks which can occur singly or in pairs. The planks ranged in size from 0.4-0.6m long, 0.07-0.8m wide and 0.04-0.25m deep. Some locations also include roundwood and brushwood elements which are aligned either longitudinally or transversely. These can in places provide sub-structural support to an overlying plank. One sighting (the most westerly) included a stake or peg. The planks used within the trackway are either of oak and/or possibly alder. The trackway is situated within raised bog peat with Eriophorum. (Bermingham 2014) Compiled by: David O’Connor Date of upload: 20 November 2014

Description Source: Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

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53.4303, -7.10607

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