ME02833 - MOYDRUM OR BOGSTOWN - Road - class 1 togher

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A substantial linear plank-built trackway that connects the eastern dryland to the dryland island within the bog. The trackway runs for 422m, is aligned E-W and visible at 25 locations, 14 of which lie on the field surface. All but one location lie within 0.6m of the field surface. The trackway was first identified in 2005 at 19 locations and traced for 250m. It is now known to extend for 422m. A 2005 dendrochronological date placed the monument at 1569 BC ± 9 yrs (Whitaker 2005). The trackway was subject to partial excavation in 2007 (Rohan 2008; 2009) where three excavation cuttings were opened (one at each end and one in the middle). Just less than 30m was excavated but the trackway was shown to be a single plank walkway large enough to carry pedestrians. Oak planks (0.12–4m wide and 0.08–0.30m in diameter) were laid end-to-end and supported by smaller transverse elements typically positioned at the ends of the planks. Pegs and stakes were used to secure the trackway on the bog surface. The 2013 survey supports these 2007 findings and also showed that the trackway may have been subject to repair and/or extension in part (see ME046-071----) (Bermingham 2014). During the course of the 2013 field survey a possible composite artefact was recorded at one sighting of this togher, ME-MOY001q. It was not removed at the time, and was described as consisting of two pieces measuring 0.08m by 0.11m in section. Each piece was converted differently and there were two different wood species present. There was a small lug or handle present on the object’s underside (Bermingham 2014). The location of the find spot was confirmed by GPS in 2015 (licence 15E0165). While the ME-MOY001q sighting remained extant, it appeared that two further seasons of drain cutting had completely removed the object. During this field season, the sighting was dated to cal. 1641-1438 BC - UBA-26638 (Whitaker 2017). Compiled by: David O’Connor, Edited by: Femke Vleeshouwer, 15 April 2020 Date of upload: 21 November 2014

Description Source: Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

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53.4299, -7.09165

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