ME02834 - KNOCKERSALLY or COLEHILL - Road - class 2 togher

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A linear roundwood trackway (Class 1 Togher) sighted in 2013. It extended for almost 90m and was identified at five separate locations. It was well preserved towards the centre of each field in which it occurred. The trackway was composed of longitudinal roundwoods (ranging from 0.04-0.1m in diameter), occurring singly or in pairs. Transverse elements were also identified at one sighting to the east and the final sighting also contained at least one plank. The trackway is located within a raised peat bog (Bermingham 2014) The site was excavated in 2015 (licence: 15E0177) and dated to cal. 1603-1415 BC (UBA-26631). Three cuttings were opened. At the first cutting (ME-KRS0004a) four charred elements were exposed within the easternmost extent. They consisted of a NE–SW oriented alder roundwood and three smaller elements at its NE extent. At the second cutting (ME-KRS0004c) the site was composed of irregularly-shaped longitudinal yew, alder and birch elements oriented ENE-WSW. One of the elements was forked. At its E extent was a short length of longitudinally-laid, quarter split oak timber. There were two toolmarks on its W extent with clear signatures. The two elements at the W extent of the cutting were laid parallel to one another. Both were in poor condition. At the third cutting (ME-KRS0004e) no extant remains of the site at this location were located during the 2015 field season (Whitaker 2017). Compiled by: David O’Connor, Edited by: Femke Vleeshouwer, 15 April 2020 Date of upload: 21 November 2014

Description Source: Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

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53.4301, -7.10629

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