ME02836 - KNOCKERSALLY or COLEHILL - Structure - peatland

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A brushwood site exposed in section in the drain face 0.69m from the field surface. The elements at the northern extent of the site were four deep but this thinned out towards the south as the elements became less frequent. The elements ranged in diameter from 15-36mm in diameter. The peat was moderately decomposed sphagnum peat that was pasty in texture with moderate eriophorum inclusions. The function of this site was unclear but as with other sites in the complex of sites surrounding the plank trackway ME-KND001a-d it may have been a small platform. ME-KND001b was 5.3m to the south while ME-KND007 was 1.7m to the north. Two pieces were sampled from this site for dating and identification and they were identified as hazel and alder. Recorded by the Irish Archaeological Wetland Unit (University College, Dublin) in 2005. Date of upload: 11 February 2009

Description Source: Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

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53.4303, -7.10615

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