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This cross has been described by King (2005, 22) as follows: ‘This small, sandstone, solid-ringed cross stands close to the entrance gate at the east end of the graveyard. It is unfortunately now set in modern cement and it is uncertain how much of the shaft is buried, but the surviving height is 35cm, with a maximum width of 32cm and depth of 8cm. The upper part of the head is worn smooth and one arm is missing. The present east face has a cross within a circle, with a central small holed boss surrounded by a simple interlace pattern that wraps around the boss and extends into the terminals of the arms. The west face has a small holed boss in the centre of the head, surrounded by a wheel of eight D-shaped sections within a circle. The sections to the top, bottom and two sides enclose small bosses. The lower shaft is framed by roll mouldings and the upper panels were decorated with interlaced patterns, but as only 4-7cm are visible the decoration is unintelligible. There is no previous account of this cross, and local people involved In the graveyard clean-up have assured me that It was found in this location. It appears, therefore, that the cross became buried in or close to Its present location some considerable time ago. This type of small, i.e. under 1.5m, 'high' cross was generally not included In Peter Harbison's major work 77V high crosses of Ireland (Bonn, 1992), although he does include three similar-sized crosses In Mcath at Balsitric, Colp and Knock. These three crosses are all solid-ringed crosses, and while the decoration on each is quite different they provide the best parallel for the Nobber cross. The simple, if slightly crude, interlace pattern on the head of the east face of the Nobber cross compares closely with that on the cross at Knock, while the west face with its bossed design Is not totally dissimilar to the design on one face of the Balsitric cross. Although all four crosses are small, their decoration is compatible with the repertoire of decoration on the more familiar non-scriptural high crosses in Meath and elsewhere.’ (King 2007, 44-6) Compiled by: Paul Walsh Date of upload: 2 September 2013

Description Source: Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

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53.8213, -6.7496

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