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This cross-slab has been described by King (2005, 23) as follows: ‘This large sandstone slab was noticed leaning up against the north wall of the eighteenth-century decommissioned church. It had apparently been recovered when a grave was being dug some time ago in the graveyard. On placing it on the ground it took a few seconds to realise that this was a unique piece of early medieval sculpture. It is decorated in relief with a large ringed cross with hollowed angles, a circular hole 1.5cm deep in the centre of the transom and two figures flanking the shaft of the cross. The upper part of the slab is in good condition but a large section from the lower end is missing, and part of the surface in this area and a small number of spalls from the upper right side of the slab are broken away. It is 99cm in length. 66cm wide and 13.5cm thick. It is notable that the cross was carved almost completely within the matrix of the slab but that the arms of the cross extend for c. 1.5cm beyond the edge of the slab. The ring is carved in lower relief than the cross and tapers slightly as it joins the main shaft of the cross. The two figures facing the onlooker have short hair and small protruding ears and wear cloaks. The figure on the right, possibly bearded, has what appears to be a Celtic-type crosier, which he holds in his right hand against his left shoulder. What can be seen of the crosier shows the crook at right angles to the shaft and the drop at right angles to the crook, and there may be an indication of a knop immediately above the hand. The figure to the left is holding a square object, possibly a book, in his left hand against his right shoulder.’ (King 2007, 49-52) Compiled by: Paul Walsh Date of upload: 2 September 2013

Description Source: Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

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53.8213, -6.7496

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