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Situated on a level landscape. The cropmark of a subcircular enclosure (int. dims c. 45m E-W; c. 40m N-S) defined by a single fosse (Wth c. 1-2m) is visible on aerial photographs (OSAP: 1995). There is an entrance gap (Wth c. 3) at W and another (Wth c. 5m) at ESE. It is also visible on Bing (2013) (Pers. com. Colin Byrne) and on Apple Maps which utilises a survey conducted by Bluesky International during June 2018. On the Apple Maps image a trench (L c. 23m ENE-WSW) lies inside the fosse at S and enters it at SSW. Its greatest width (c. 2m) is at the E end where it turns N and it could be a souterrain (ME028-059001-). See the attached aerial view from Apple Maps compiled by: Michael Moore Date of upload: 7 February 2020

Description Source: Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

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53.6544, -6.23024

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