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Situated on a level landscape with the NW-SE Stonyford River c. 50m to the NE. Described in the Civil Survey (1654-6) as 'a ruinated castle and bawn about it and a large thatch house and some cottages'. It was owned in 1640 by Sir Luke FitzGerald along with 182 acres there together with other land in Killaconican parish at Crosantown (125 acres), Parkestown (84 acres), Moyfiagher (152 acres) and Muchwood (108 acres) (Simington 1940, 199). There are no visible remains of the castle structure though it possible that elements of it have been incorporated into Portlester House. Two window spandrels of late medieval date have been reused as opposing corner arch stones over an external doorway and a further carved fragment of a lion - probably the crest from a memorial - lies in the rockery adjoining the house; all undoubtedly came from the former fabric of the castle. Portlester House is known to the owners as the site of a castle. Date of revised upload; 9 June, 2016

Description Source: Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

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53.5343, -6.92944

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