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A geophysical survey undertaken in 2010 identified a series of overlapping enclosures (Fenwick, Dowling & Schot 2010). The outermost enclosure is defined by a broad, semi-circular band (Wth 2m), probably the remains of a ditch enclosing a circular area (est. diam. 40m). A gap in the NE may mark the former entrance (Wth 5m). A broad bank of low negative responses indicates the presence of an earthen bank associated with this ditch. Within this enclosure is a narrow curving band that may be a palisade trench. (Fenwick et al. 2012, fig. 4) Compiled by: Geraldine Stout Date of upload: 12 November 2013 See attached jpeg image which shows location map of the enclosure and other archaeological features, taken from Fenwick, Dowling and Schot 2010 report.

Description Source: Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

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53.7035, -6.50819

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