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Located on the floodplain on the N bank of a W-E section of the River Boyne, c. 140m from the river in Brú na Bóinne. This was first identified through LiDAR survey (Davis et al. 2010, 180, LP2) as a low-profile mound (maximum height c. 0.2m, diameter c.30m). There are slight traces of an outer enclosure (ext. diam. c. 140m) defined by an extremely low bank, within which the mound is centrally located. Geophysical survey of the mound revealed evidence of an excavated feature (dims 16m x 2m) aligned roughly N-W with splayed terminals, each 7m wide. It is suggested (Davis et. al. 2013, 233) that this may represent the remains of a passage tomb. Aerial photographs taken by NMS in July 2018 shows that the ceremonial enclosure (diam. c. 90m) is defined by sections of a single fosse (L c. 5m) interrupted by gaps (Wth c. 5m) and that it is slightly truncated by a N-S field bank at W. The central mound can be identified and the excavated feature is confirmed. The central bar of this feature can be seen to be broken into sections. The pit-circle (ME026-033----) is c. 80m to the ESE. See the attached aerial view from SW Compiled by: Paul Walsh Revised by: Michael Moore Date of revised upload: 16 July 2018

Description Source: Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

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53.6887, -6.48277

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