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Located on a SE-facing slope overlooking a SW-NE portion of the Delvin River which is c. 500-600m to the SE. The remains of a circular enclosure are depicted on a Longfield map (1825) in NLI (MS 21F. 14/(011) in a field known locally as the 'Ringfield' (pers comm. Mr Colin Byrne, Briarleas, County Meath). Images of it were recorded on a drone-mounted camera by Ian Lennon in July 2020 where it appears to be a circular pit or quarry (diam. c. 30m). See the attached view courtesy of Ian Lennon Compiled by Geraldine Stout Date of upload: 13/03/2012 Amended: 10 September 2020

Description Source: Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

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NAUL, Meath
53.5944, -6.29058

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