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Located on a NE-facing slope. The head of a window from the church of Tullog (ME034-013----) is now built into the head of a well that was not marked on the 1836 ed. of the OS 6-inch map but was probably present then to serve the village of Tullug. The stone (Wth 0.68; H 0.35m; T 0.15m) has the stepped head of a rectangular window (Wth 0.42m; H 0.22m) with chamfered edges. The centre of the head is raised or stepped upwards (Wth 0.18m; H 7.5cm), and a glazing groove and bar-holes are present. The well is U-shaped (dims 0.7m NW-SE; 0.57m NE-SW) and built into a NE-facing slope with the opening facing NE in a wall (H 0.7m). Compiled by: Michael Moore Date of revised upload: 10 March, 2015

Description Source: Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

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53.6055, -6.29114

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